No One

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June 1, 2010 · Posted in Miscellany 

No one marched in the streets
When they killed the electric car
We did not want one
We wanted gasoline
We shoved that nozzle
In the tank
OH, it felt so good
Like a spike in the arm
That rush you could taste in your gums
That full tank feeling
Now, I can go wherever I want

Don’t blame BP
Demand reduction
It never happened
15 years ago we had it
The EV1
We did not want it
We wanted to go to the moon
We went
We wanted faster phones
We have 4G
We wanted more friends
We have Facebook
We wanted gasoline
We have oil spills
BP did is guilty of nothing other
Than giving us what we wanted
We are to Blame

I drove
I ate, shat, fucked, pissed, puked and got high
In cars, trucks, and vans
I drove to the beach
To skate
To HER house
To work
To the beach
To Mexico
When I should have
Driven to school
To protests
To organize
To educate
To agitate

But I ran instead
To hide
Get high
Wait for the End
“Create My Own Reality”
And watch the shit
I am to blame
It is my fault
The Gulf is dead

–Ezekiel Aleman


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