People’s Capitalism Is Dead!

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September 2, 2011 · Posted in Commentary · Comments Off on People’s Capitalism Is Dead! 


With two of the three leading Republican candidates for president threatening to set up a new Christian theocracy, this next election may be our last. We know that it will be brutal, the Republicans will use every cheap bullying lie and tactic that they can, and we’ll end up with America’s first fascist state if they prevail.

It’s obvious that the Republicans were so anxious to get rid of the nation’s first black president, they decided to go for tanking the economy before the next election. In another day and age, when Republicans took seriously their own claims of patriotism, they would not have committed such treason. For treason it is. They decided to throw away the term “loyal” from “loyal opposition.” Read more

Readers: Our Site Was Hacked

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September 1, 2011 · Posted in Commentary · Comment 

Boryanabooks readers: Our site was badly hacked a few weeks back: 49,000 spams and corruption of part of our operating system. We have wiped the old site and made a clean install. We are in the process of restoring  our backlist of commentary. Our catalog of Ebooks and other publications is back up now, along with the whole of Honey’s column, “Notes from Above Ground,”  from the beginning, and all the chapters of Phyl M. Noir’s serial novel Edendale. We are working on restoring earlier articles, and are ready to stay with you into the future. Because of the extreme hack, which came in through hackers’ attempts to plant spam in the site disguised as comments, we regretfully have had to turn off all comments from readers.