$4 Gas Is Only the Beginning

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May 1, 2011 · Posted in Commentary · Comments Off on $4 Gas Is Only the Beginning 

By Leslie Evans

Republicans and Democrats are scrambling in a blame game over the skyrocketing price of gasoline, which is rapidly approaching the historic highs of the 2008 oil shock. As of April 29 pump prices for regular had topped $4 in thirteen states and crested $3.90 in eleven more. The April 23 Christian Science Monitor carried the headline “Obama faces trouble with $4 gasoline.” The story led off: “Polls show Americans blame Democrats more than Republicans for $4 gasoline prices, and President Obama’s poll numbers show it.” Read more

Honey Reveals The Truth About Little Red Riding Hood

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By Honey van Blossom

(Honey is a Belgian Marxist former strip-tease artiste.) Honey van Blossom

I will tell you the true story of Little Red Riding Hood.

The true story isn’t about our fear of wildness or our fear of sexuality — although it could have been that story and perhaps that’s the story behind the red cloak: red as in blood, the danger if nature, or blood as in menstrual blood. Little Red Riding Hood was not a child but menstruating.

The “Little” part comes from a mistranslation from the original in the Dutch Roodkapje. In Dutch, tje/pje/kje/je/etje..etc, are suffixes added to nouns/adjectives/adverbs, to make something sound small or to show intimacy. That suffix is called the diminutive. Roodkapje meant something like, “Dear” Red Hood. Read more

Edendale: Chapter 7

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The Seventh Chapter of “Edendale,” Bunker Hill, by Phyl M. Noir


Photograph of house on Bunker Hill – before the City tore down all of the old houses – is courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library.

By Phyl M. Noir

Dupont first built a dynamite factory in Hopewell then switched to the manufacture of guncotton during World War I. In 1923 Tubize Corporation established a plant at the old Dupont site but everyone kept calling the plant Dupont. The same year, the city of Hopewell annexed the neighboring town of City Point. The Honeywell Corporation and Hercules Chemical sited their plants on the James River. Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation built a paper mill. Read more