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December 1, 2018 · Posted in Commentary 

First edition of Literary L.A., 1981. The later editions have important expanded content.

Most are available from Amazon

Nature’s Twelve Magic Healers: Amazing Secrets of Cell Salts (with Nigey Lennon, 1978, Prentice Hall)

The Menuhins: A Family Odyssey (1978, Panjandrum; 2014, Boryanabooks)

The Heal Yourself Home Handbook of Unusual Remedies (1983, Prentice Hall Direct)

Last Train North (1987, Panjandrum)

In Search of Literary L.A. (1991, revised in 2002 as just Literary L.A., California Classics)

Bread and Hyacinths: The rise and Fall of Utopian Los Angeles (with Nigey Lennon and Paul Greenstein, 1992, California Classics)

Fat Man on the Left: Four Decades in the Underground (1998, California Classics)

Death and Redemption in London & L.A. (2003, Dead End Street Publications)

The Uncommon Friendship of Yaltah Menuhin and Willa Cather (2004, California Classics)

Presidents & Near Presidents I Have Known (2009, Boryanabooks)

Reflections From Elsewhere (2010, Boryanabooks)

Disputing Rasputin, Despair & Other Matters That Try My Soul (2012, Boryanabooks)

The Misadventures of Ari Mendelsohn: A Mostly True Memoir of California Journalism (2013, Boryanabooks)

The Fat Man Returns: The Elusive Hunt for California Bohemia and Other Matters (2017, Boryanabooks).



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