More on the Middle East

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June 1, 2013 · Posted in Commentary 

In May we featured two articles about Israel and its history, one by Gaza author Mohammad Arafat about Palestinian sufferings during the December 2008-January 2009 war between Israel and Hamas, and a longer piece by Leslie Evans on the history of the Marxist Left’s negative view of Jewish identity, principally in nineteenth century Europe but affecting Western perceptions of Israel.

This month we reprise the subject with our same two authors. Mohammad Arafat returns in “A Tale of Determination” to the early days of the Israeli invasion of Gaza at the end of 2008, where he tells the story of his friend Musab, who was badly wounded by an Israeli rocket, as well as examples of civilian deaths inflicted by the Jewish forces. Leslie Evans in “Why the Middle East Is Always in Crisis” pulls the camera back to examine at length the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, and the legacy of seemingly insurmountable religious animosities built into the postwar map, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and, of course, Israel-Palestine.


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